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The arrival – Human shepherds & turning in to a sheep

After being sandwiched between a German archaeologist and an elderly Japanese lady for 12 long hours, I finally arrived at Narita airport – Tokyo.

Getting off the plane was a surprisingly blissful experience. No luggage falling out of the overhead lockers, no sharp elbows fighting for their cheap tax-free liquor, and no competition for who gets to leave the plane 20 seconds before everyone else. This enduring patience, is what good karma is made of.

Well of the plane, I was ready to encounter this new strange country.

 The first people I meet, was the human shepherds. All over the airport, there was uniformed pantomime-people who guided you in the right direction. There was no going wrong. No possibilities to stray away from the flock or standing in lines incorrectly.

 This was all very comforting, and relaxing experience.  But on the filp side, when people treat you like a sheep, you become one. Upon leaving the airport, I already felt I had lost some of my independence. I did not care….independence is totaly overateded anyway!   

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