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Meguro Parasitological Museum, feat love bugs <3

A rear gem of a museum, very hard to find. Displaying over 300 speciments of parasites…


Makes you think twice about the raw fish you ate last night!!!

There is also a small souvenir shop, where you can buy anything parasite. What about a necklace with a parasite charm?

Diplozoon(Image© “borrowed” from Meguro parasitological museum)

The parasite charm is of a Diplozoon, which also happens to be the museums logo. This is the bug that the museums director Dr. Satoru Kamegai spent his whole life studying, a great choice. Diplozoons are very romantic parasites.  A man-bug and a lady-bug meet when young and beautiful, then their bodies melt together and stay that way for the rest of  their life. Its the only species known to be 100% monogamous, humans on the other hand…exceptionally infidèle!  

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