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A cup of tea in the Zen garden

December 19, 2008 Leave a comment

Walking trough the enchanting bamboo-Zen garden at the Hokokuji Temple…

A bamboo garden near Tokyo

leading to a small tea-house…


serving delightful green powder tea (Macha) with complimenting mints.

It made me feel very…dizzzy!!!


The miniature Godzilla and life size whale of Tokyo

June 4, 2008 2 comments

The Godzilla statue is hidden deep inside the heart of Ginza, hard to find. Espezially when you keep looking up at the sky for a cosmic edition…

godzilla in tokyo

A bit more eye catching though, the life size blue whale located outside the national science museum..

Whale national science museum tokyo

 Did not even fit trough the lense of my miniature digital compact camera…  

NHK Studio Park

April 17, 2008 1 comment

NHK-studio park presents you with a taste of “a life in the dazzling spotlight”.  All information delivered in Japanese only, hence a little inaccessible for the non-Japanese person, but definitely worth the effort.

This brave lady tossed all shyness aside, and delivered the news like a pro.

nippon hoso kyokai

Got to love here perfecly cut, edgy bob. Nice hands too!

Later on, finding myself in my natural habitat; The vivid clouds abov…

nhk park

The real world is such a dull and usless consept.  Just cant keep up with fiction….ha!

Meguro Parasitological Museum, feat love bugs <3

March 22, 2008 Leave a comment

A rear gem of a museum, very hard to find. Displaying over 300 speciments of parasites…


Makes you think twice about the raw fish you ate last night!!!

There is also a small souvenir shop, where you can buy anything parasite. What about a necklace with a parasite charm?

Diplozoon(Image© “borrowed” from Meguro parasitological museum)

The parasite charm is of a Diplozoon, which also happens to be the museums logo. This is the bug that the museums director Dr. Satoru Kamegai spent his whole life studying, a great choice. Diplozoons are very romantic parasites.  A man-bug and a lady-bug meet when young and beautiful, then their bodies melt together and stay that way for the rest of  their life. Its the only species known to be 100% monogamous, humans on the other hand…exceptionally infidèle!