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Post-perfectionistic Japan

July 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Oh…look at the time!!!

Its five minutes past five (closing time), and Im still inside the Tokyo National museum. Who would belive…such inconsiderate behavior was tolerated!

I certainly dont think this “flawless entity of furniture” was an intende part of the exibition, but it definitely states the contemporary and yet historical intent to keep things in order!

On the other hand. The road to HELL is paved with such good intentions (according to Madonna). And incidents do happen, where on wonders “what the h**** were they thinking?” Such as this dark alley, containing….an image of the post-perfectionistic Japan! So disturbing….

Can not look…a collection of trash, my eyes hurt!!!


The miniature Godzilla and life size whale of Tokyo

June 4, 2008 2 comments

The Godzilla statue is hidden deep inside the heart of Ginza, hard to find. Espezially when you keep looking up at the sky for a cosmic edition…

godzilla in tokyo

A bit more eye catching though, the life size blue whale located outside the national science museum..

Whale national science museum tokyo

 Did not even fit trough the lense of my miniature digital compact camera…  

Meguro Parasitological Museum, feat love bugs <3

March 22, 2008 Leave a comment

A rear gem of a museum, very hard to find. Displaying over 300 speciments of parasites…


Makes you think twice about the raw fish you ate last night!!!

There is also a small souvenir shop, where you can buy anything parasite. What about a necklace with a parasite charm?

Diplozoon(Image© “borrowed” from Meguro parasitological museum)

The parasite charm is of a Diplozoon, which also happens to be the museums logo. This is the bug that the museums director Dr. Satoru Kamegai spent his whole life studying, a great choice. Diplozoons are very romantic parasites.  A man-bug and a lady-bug meet when young and beautiful, then their bodies melt together and stay that way for the rest of  their life. Its the only species known to be 100% monogamous, humans on the other hand…exceptionally infidèle!